Peanut coleslaw
Peanut coleslaw
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Recipe Yield: Total time: 40 minutes | Serves 6 to 8
1/3 cup rice wine vinegar 1/3 cup peanut butter 3 tablespoons brown sugar 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, chopped 1 tablespoon lime juice 2 teaspoons chopped garlic 3 cups nappa cabbage, sliced thin 3 cups red cabbage, sliced thin 3 cups bok choy, sliced thin 2 cups red bell pepper, julienned 1 cup (about 2 large) chopped poblano chiles 1 cup chopped red onion 4 jalapeno peppers, seeded and chopped fine 1 cup peanuts (optional)

Step 1 Place the vinegar, peanut butter, brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, lime juice and garlic in a mixing bowl and whisk vigorously until smooth.

Step 2 In a large bowl, combine the sliced cabbages, bok choy, bell pepper, chiles, onion, jalapenos and peanuts. Pour the dressing over. Toss and serve.

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